Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8: Mission White Roses

This morning Scott (my boyfriend) and I asked our daughters if they'd like to join me in the act of kindness for today. They unanimously yelled "yes!" We've been sharing and reading this blog with them and were excited that they wanted to participate!

We threw around ideas of what we all could do. Go to a nursing home and sing? Bake some cookies and give them away?....

Turns out, again, the act of kindness presented itself! We went to Target, got a bouquet of white roses and we all secretly looked at each other with excitement! We walked around and got some free samples of food that the nice free sample ladies were handing out. I was so focused on slurping down on my 'easy squirt in the mouth applesauce', that I didn't hear the nice lady, but one of our girls heard her say "Oh! Look at those beautiful white roses! I love white roses!" Little did she know, she'd be a recipient of some ;-)

The girls were SO excited to hand them out. So much so, that the flowers almost got massacred. Haha

Flowers purchased. Mission white roses commenced. And wow at the response! Each of us girls started handing them out to looks of surprises, awe and sincere appreciation. "Wow! Seriously for me?" "This is so sweet" "This is the most thoughtful gesture"

And then we went back to the lady who exclaimed over the flowers. As we walked up, our girl who heard her say it, handed her the beautiful white rose. The lady looked surprised and said "For me? Seriously?" and I told her, "I was so busy not paying attention but my girl heard you say that you loved white roses. And this one is for you" She cried and hugged us!! And said "God bless you!"

I had tears in my eyes walking away.

These actions are not about me. Or us. It's about the act of just caring for people. Thinking of others. You can move mountains with one small act.

Result: 20+ people received smiles, "have a great day" and white roses, and they returned those smiles back.

As a mother, I couldn't be more proud of our girls big hearts and earnest willfullness to do something nice for others. And for my supportive boyfriend who is willing to jump in to help, too!

P.S. I'm receiving tons of notes of people wanting to participate, contribute and help. I'm trying to think of the most effective way for everyone that wants to, get involved. Either way, you can commit your own acts, email me and I'll share your stories too! Keep watching and reading and you can jump in anytime!


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