Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22: One kind act leads to another

Today we had to get out of the house. We had been pent up most of the weekend due to the weather (more so, threat of bad weather)

What better place to go, then House of Bounce! Run and bounce that pent up energy off (and get that heart rate and exercise in) They have the best fried pickles there. :-p I suppose that cancels out the exercise?

We were there for awhile and my daughter kept asking other little girls to play. She kept getting rejected. Some of the girls had their own friends. Some were really shy. And some ignored her. Isn't that life though? But my fearless warrior kept on. As luck would have it though, my daughter saw one of her classmates walk in and the grin between her and him made me feel a sigh of relief. They were inseparable. He held her arm, escorted her from one activity to another, shared his tokens....and then he got a smoothie drink and offered to share it with her (without any prompting from his dad). They both slurped from their own straws and giggled at each other.

In return, at the point of final exhaustion and to return the act of kindness, she and I got him some
Ice cream and thanked him for playing and for his thoughtfulness.

Result: Kids teach us all the time about being selfless, and to witness such kindness starting at a young age, well...It is true. What you put out in the world, often you get back. They're ahead of the curve and I'm thankful to have witnessed and encourage it.


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