Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: Transport donated books & push shopping carts inside

Yep! Two kind acts today. :)

Today was an interesting day. Had some challenges to deal with in the morning and afterwards, I was feeling rather deflated and bummed about the challenges I was confronted with. What doesn't hurt you makes you stronger, right? Can I just say that carrying out these acts can totally change the mood around? It's incredible!

Transport donated books
This afternoon, my co-worker and dear friend, LaVonne and I muscled a couple of hundred books that my department (Social Committee initiated) gathered into the trunk of my car (I can't say it enough how amazingly kind and good hearted my department is, by the way.) I drove them to the circled drive (my best friend Alissa co-piloted) and met Linda (she gathered book donations from the Support Center) Christine and her coworker from Mayo Clinic volunteer services.

Results: My department donated over 500 books to the Pediatric & Adolescent department. Each child gets a book of their choosing to take home. Christine and her crew from Volunteer services makes it happen.

Push shopping carts inside
Folks. This almost ended in disaster. Anyone that knows me knows I'm quite the klutz and highly accident prone :-o

Tonight on my way home from work I decided to swing by TJ Maxx. As I'm pulling into a parking space, I notice an elderly woman that was loading her bags into her car. Some of them looked heavy. I wasn't fast enough, because as soon as I got to her, the cart was empty (drat!) so I offered to take the shopping cart inside for her. She said "oh! My dear, why yes!" and looked happy. :)

Here's where it gets interesting. Beahhahahahahah! I'm pushing the cart and I see another lone cart and decide to take them both inside. Why not!

It takes me about 5 minutes to push one into the other (you shopping cart attendants have talent. I'm not kidding) I finally get them together, pushing them through the doors (one door comes crashing on my heel) and then like jello, those darn carts came apart as I'm pushing them through the doors. There was a girl watching me (and Im pretty sure she was laughing at me on the inside) I could tell she was debating on whether or not to offer help and that would have totally cancelled out my act!! I had to do it myself! Finally got them back together and they're safely inside TJ Maxx, with me walking out a little flustered. (I win, shopping carts!)

Result: A woman smiled, a girl laughed at me on the inside and I learned how to push two carts together successfully.


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