Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24: Be more then a friend

Today was a whirlwind! After My cut for 'Locks Of Love', my hair needed to be tweaked and shaped abit since it was a dry cut. I'll post a pic of the final result. My friend at R!ah, Sara Pronk, does such an amazing job. She really knows how to make it look fresh and sassy! I feel more put together now :)

And then my cities friend, Nikki was in Rochester, so one of my acts of kindness was treating her to an afternoon munch fest (late small lunch) I admire her a lot. She's done several nursing trips out of the country and that takes great dedication and perseverance!

And then I took my bestie, Alissa and her crutches, grocery shopping and fully endorsed the use of the scooter. I may or may not have called attention to us while in Target to many people. Might as well make driving a scooter a spectacle, eh? Everyone's staring at you anyways :-p

Result: Made these two girls smile today....AND a bunch of people in Target. I may have yelled at Alissa abit with her hero mentality and not asking for help :-p


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