Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: Hug it out!

Hug 10 people and ask them to hug 10 people too!

This morning, some of my co-workers (We like to call each other co-friends because were all friends even though we work together) and I were chatting about this blog on our way to getting some cheap coffee (yes, we have a secret place where we get CHEAP coffee!!) I brought up that my friend Candy had sent me a note about getting a group together and giving free hugs out (were gonna still do that)

So, Marni pipes up and say "give out 10 hugs and tell each person to give out 10 too!!" we all got excited and started hugging each other. And then hugged our other co-friends when we got to our cubes, then I tackled my boss :) (not really, but close! Haha) then people started sending virtual hugs and it went on and on. :)

Result: Hugs really make people smile... and even laugh. Hugs are an embrace of love. We should really do it more often. Hug it out!


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