Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16: Gather can goods and non perishables for food shelter

Am I ever going to use or eat the can of mushroom soup I accidentally bought the last time I was at the grocery store? Absolutely not. Haha!

This act is two part - went through the cupboard tonight and rounded up can goods, non-perishables, etc. and will be making a trip tomorrow to Channel one to donate. I'll try not to eat the chicken of the sea on the way...sorry Jessica Simpson. It's not really chicken.

I should look in my best friend/roomies cupboards.....hahaha

I've volunteered at Channel one a couple of times already. It's such a fun experience sorting the donated food, packing food and knowing your hands-on volunteering is worthwhile. There's plans to do that again each month, let me know if you're interested!

If anyone wants to pitch in their can goods Or non perishables- let me know and I'll take them with!

Result: No one should go hungry. Ever.

And, yes, I benefited somewhat from this cupboard is clean. And I don't have to eat mushrooms (I can't believe people like's just rubbery and gross!) haha


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