Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141: Show people they matter

It's interesting to see the impact of what each daily acts of kindness results to.

This morning my daughter was being picked up by her dad, he's having to travel for work, so he took her for a special morning and quality time before he left. There was a two fold act of kindness today. He had forgotten something, so he left and when he came back to pick up our daughter he had brought donuts for breakfast. And while he was gone. My daughter and I put together a steaming cup of coffee with delicious creamer for him.

Both actions made me smile internally. Life isn't always perfect but if you can make it beautiful with kind gestures, then it can be gosh darn close. I can tell my daughter loved the fun banter she saw between the two people that love her the most. I could tell it meant alot to her. And to see her smile and laugh as a result. That's perfection.

I also received an email tonight from someone who is closely related to a blog post about an act of kindness that I had done previously. The clear message from the email- "people matter"' <3 That email solidifies what I do daily and the goal of this blog is.

Some days I'm not at my greatest. But as soon as an act of kindness is committed, it brings me full circle to the purpose of this blog is - to show people that they matter.

Thank you for your email. A reminder that you never know who's lives you may touch.


1stCousin said...

Thanks for the encouragement which I receive by reading your blog.

Danielle Teal said...

Thanks for your kind comment! <3 May you be blessed fully in life <3

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