Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 122: Keep a promise

You might be thinking, well - how is this an act of kindness. My main act was volunteering in my daughters class today. But it goes much deeper then that.

I've volunteered before, several times and my daughter loves it when I do. I can tell it makes her proud to have her mom there. I can also tell that she knows she's loved when I'm there too. Now, she'll ask me when I'm volunteering next.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a mass email from her teacher asking for supplies for a project the kids were going to do. I instantly got excited about the project and offered to volunteer.

Work has been busy, I was sick last week and decided I really needed to focus on my work. There would be plenty of times to volunteer.

I spoke to my daughter last night, and she didn't let me off the hook. In fact, her response was "Mommy, you promised".

That I did.

I volunteered today. :) I woke up really early (early for me ;) went into work and used my lunch to keep that promise I made to her.

The smile of pride and unconditional love on her face made my day. But even more, she knows she can count on me. And she'll remember that for the rest of her life.

Another day in the books. Life is good.

May you keep your promises and know the impact that makes <3


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