Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 150: Bring dinner over for an injured friend

Last Tuesday, I had plans to go over to a friends house to go through baby clothes (as I rapidly have to start acquiring things for this little munchkin before October! Only 19 weeks left! Nobody panic but me. Haha)

I noticed in my Facebook feed pics and a status of my friend injured! She broke her arm and got bruised, scraped and beat up from an ATV accident.

I sent her a Facebook message asking if she'd let me bring over dinner tonight, and she said ok!

My daughter and I brought over the makings of homemade pizza (almost as good as Grandma Mary's :) While her daughter and my daughter played, I made pizza, and did the dishes. It was difficult for my friend to sit still but after harping on her to sit down, she sorta did. :-p

Her husband was fun! I told him he need to talk to my honey about hunting.


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