Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147: Don't judge a book by its cover

Today we went to the park - the weather was less then par but it was good enough to get outside :) as long as its not snowing in Minnesota - gotta get outside!

When we got there I made a total judgement on a group of boisterous middle school boys. I figured they'd be obnoxious and not safe around our little ones. So, I had an eagle eye on them, making sure our daughters didnt get knocked over or something.

Note to self: Don't make judgement calls - you just never know what's deep down inside of everyone. Here's why.

We decided to have some races around a track at the park. First, the razor scooter. I noticed the middle schools boys had one too, so I challenged them to race against my boyfriend. Next thing you know, all of us (me exempted due to my ever growing pregnant belly) were racing each other, laughing, and having a blast. Then all of us, middle school boys, our girls all sat at one of the picnic tables and had some fun and serious discussions. About life, being their age, our age. It was neat.

One of the boys brought his dog over and we watched it for him while he played. Our girls and those boys carried on.

I watched one of the boys let my young daughter win a running could instantly tell that his intent was to let her win and he enjoyed seeing her triumphant finish. As did I. He and I high-fived afterwards and gave each other knowing nods of approval/satisfaction.

These boys werent obnoxious at all. They cared. And I knew we made friends and that the next time we were there and if they were there too, they'd protect our girls.


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