Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 176: Listen and lend support

I met a guy today that was going through a rough time. He was sitting by himself, with his left hand holding his head up. I could sense that something was wrong. While the girls were distracted, I went over to him to ask if he was ok. He said he was not. I told him if he needed to talk, I'd be willing to listen. He said ok.

I sat over to the side and waited. He kept his head down solemnly. I decided I should try again.

So I went over to his table. Sat next to him and he started pouring out his story. (obviously not going to share details)

I listened. He talked.

It was heartbreaking. Sad.


Towards the end, I left him with this message and one we should hold close to our hearts and minds in any relationship, be it romantic, friendship, parental, etc.

You matter and you deserve the best.

When the girls, Scott and I got in the car, the eldest daughter said "That was an act of kindness, you talking to that guy when he was sad"

Yes it was <3 but mostly - it was important to let him know that he mattered.


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