Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 178: Give instead of receive

This is my birthday week. :) I've decided to change my perspective about my birthday. Here are my thoughts and what I posted on Facebook today. Instead of receiving this week, for my birthday I want to give:

I’m going to be really real about this. It’s easy to set expectations for other people to do things for your birthday. Or at least, for me it was. And if someone didn’t do something, I would get disappointed every single year that I wasn’t thought of for my birthday. It’s an easy negative scenario to get into…and it’s a really really selfish perspective. What I have done in the past, is left it up for OTHER people to make ME happy and that’s absolutely ridiculous. So. I was laying in bed last night thinking about my perspective/feelings and how to turn the table to stop making it about ME. So, here we are. :) Learning to be truly selfless at a time where it’s tradition to expect others to do for you. I’m making a change on that. I’m going to start doing for OTHERS on my birthday instead, because honestly, deep down, it really feels better to give then receive anyways. :) Striving to be the BEST person I can possibly be, when it's easy and human nature to be self-centered/selfish ♥

Today I:
-Got a friend a coffee
-Gave a friend half of my breakfast sandwich
-Sent my honey surprise PayPal to get him a new shirt to wear for my birthday
-Sent another mom a book called 'Just mom & me' that has terrific ideas, surveys, cute notes to do with daughters and make special memories :)

Feels way better to give then receive!


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