Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 162: Emcee Gail's benefit

Ah, what a day. :-) Today was one of those days you put down in your internal book as "Glad I did that."

I emceed a benefit for a coworker/friend I use to work with. I remember Gail always being upbeat, kind and energetic. So when I found out recently that she has a stage 3 brain tumor, I was shocked. These things really CAN happen to anyone. :(

In the last year, I've become more aware of how many people are effected by Brain tumors.

It was neat to see Gail today. It was also neat to see the strong support and turn out for a benefit put on by many of her friends. These events are successful because of those involved.

It was a honor to be present and witness the love and support.

Below is an image from the silent auction. It was packed!

If you're interested in donating or helping to further research on brain tumors - contact Brains Together for a Cure.

Also, a big shout out to my honey who supports me wholeheartedly on these endeavors by helping with the house, kids, coming to the events or just plain participating in these acts of kindness, too! I love you, Scott!! <3


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