Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 155: Invite a friend out, take care if their drinks

I like days that don't have a specific plan or place to be. Today we woke up, hit the house tidied up, lounged around abit and then set off for an adventurous day! It was terrific! We went to Foster Arends and walked the entire parameter of the pond? Lake? As we walked around it we chatted with people fishing. These two young guy were there for the first time. Chatted with them for a short but. We wished them good luck on catching fish and they wished us well on our walk/hike.

I must say that I'm more of a girly girl then I thought. Each time a branch whacked me in the face as we walked the claustrophobic trail, I yelped and tightened my grip on Scott's hand. I fully expected a bear or snake to come attack us :-p But, alas, it was a peaceful journey.

Afterwards we went to Whistle binkies north to relax before we went to the movies. I invited one of my good friends out and it was nice to spend time with her. Took care of her drinks as my act of kindness!

Now I'm off to do homework :)

Ps. Scott's act of kindness; reeling in someone's fish when they left it unattended and a fish got hooked on the line! See pic below


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