Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 167: Bring cupcakes to daughters daycare

Today was it. Formally the last day of daycare for my daughter. I brought in cupcakes to celebrate the time she has spent with them.

I watched her tiny little self making the last trek to the playground to play with many of the kids she's grown up with. She still looks so small.

I know I'm going to have to trust that she can fend for herself in new settings, but I still feel this intense pressure to hover, go peek in on her in her new setting and whisk her into my arms to protect her forever. I'm sure that feeling will never go away.

So, I stuffed a cupcake in my face and wallowed in the bittersweet moment as I watch my little girl slowly slip away into the next phase of her life. <3


Neil Ickes said...

Don’t worry, Danielle. I’m sure that your daughter will grow up to be a great kid! You and the day care center took good care of her and taught her a lot of things. She will certainly take the lesson to heart, and that calls for a celebration!

Neil Ickes

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