Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 180: Pre-Birthday love

Ah. What a day :) I went on a field trip with my daughter today. Im marking today as one of those top ten moments of awesomeness.

We were running a tad late this morning. Mainly because I was off of work and trying to squeeze in as much sleep as possible!

We got to the bus just in time. As my daughter and I ran to the bus door, the head counselor grinned at me and said jovially "Happy Birthday"! I was so surprised he remembered.

THEN. We walked onto the bus, and every child and counselor on the bus serenaded me with the 'Happy Birthday' song.

None of these people knew me.
None of the kids knew me.
Other then they knew I was some other kids mom.

Yet they specifically remembered that it was my birthday (technically tomorrow, but it's my birthday week!) AND they made it special, by singling me out and wishing ME a happy birthday. My daughter was beaming too. Thank you to the many strangers who showed me love today. Definitely my top birthday memory.

Kindness. Thank you for showing me kindness.

While I was riding the bus, I sat there and thought how appreciative I was to be able to ride the bus with these new incredible friends, but also I paid attention to the bus driver. I think we've all seen the bus monitor video of the woman, Karen, getting bullied. And she was an adult!

This bus driver was a kind man. He had kind eyes. When we got to our destination I asked him of he had any water to stay hydrated. He had some but not much. When we finished our excursion, I got him an ice cold bottle of water and brought it back to him. When I handed it to him I gave him a pat on the arm and said "This is so you stay hydrated, thanks for getting us to our spots safely"

His smile of thanks in return spoke volumes.

We all connect in many ways. It's about letting ourselves become open and receptive to those around us that we can welcome new friendships in our lives.

A friend recently told me of a teaching she recently learned from resilience- leaving a silent loving blessing on others by stating in your mind towards others: "I wish you well".

To the 50+ kids, counselors and bus driver - I wish you well <3 thank you for the beautiful memories and best birthday to date.


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