Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168: Pay for arcade games for two teens

My only goals this weekend was to do homework for my college course, to try to work ahead in it, and to spend the weekend in quiet relaxation and respite so I can rejuvenate and reflect. My friend Karlys and I went to Quarry Nature park. It was beautiful and tranquil to be among the quiet solitude of nature. Butterflies, dragonflies , geese and ducks. It felt peaceful sitting by the creek and hearing the water brush against the rocks, trickling down.

On our way out of the creek area, our peaceful solitude was met with a snake and I almost toppled Karlys over my panicked state. :-p

Tonight we went to the movie "What to expect when not expecting". Great movie! Of course, I love comedies :)

As we were leaving I told Karlys I needed to do an act of kindness before I went home. Ironically, earlier today, as we we're leaving my place, she thought she felt something in the pocket of some shorts I had given her awhile back. She pulled out $15!! I guess I had left money in them.

So, tonight that $15 was my inspiration. I saw two teen girls with their parents. I went over and asked their parents if it was ok if I gave them money to play some arcade games and explained that I did daily acts of kindness every day. The parents said "Of course!" and the girls faces lit up.

See. Even though it was my money, I obviously didn't miss it. Those girls will get better joy from it then I would have, I'm sure of it.


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