Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 165: Donate to 'Spare Key' organization

A week ago I posted a status on facebook asking people who their favorite charity/organization was and why. I got a lot of great responses and will share them throughout the end of the year -

Spare Key was an organization that someone mentioned. They had been recipients of help from 'Spare Key'.


'Spare keys' mission: Helping families with critically ill or injured children by making a mortgage payment on their behalf.

This organization is critical to keeping families afloat while they care for our most precious loved ones.

I donated to them today :)

"Thank You For Donating
Thank you for your donation to assist Minnesota homeowners with critically ill or seriously injured children. This contribution will help make a mortgage payment on the family's behalf, allowing parents to spend time with their child.

You will be receiving an e-mail and a letter acknowledging this donation.
Thank You!"


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