Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17: AT&T reach out and touch someone

I'm not a phone person. Most people know this. In fact, my friends will text me and tell me to answer my phone if they have something important to discuss with me or just plain insistent on hearing my voice so they know I'm alive (even though I'm texting back...)

I called two people tonight. One was someone I had actually never spoken to on the phone. I saw they were having a tough time from a Facebook status and decided to call them, offer support and let them know I was thinking of them and that I care.

The other was my friend Annalissa! Ahhh! She's such a great spirit, kind heart - loves her dogs. I called her and she answered just like her peppy sweet self. :) It was almost as if she called me! Haha! We talked about life and then she spoke about this blog and said "It takes 90 days for something to become habit and then its just apart of your life" I LOVED that! It's true. kindness - carrying acts out daily -should be apart of life.

I also offered to help with her animals and help her with whatever she does. She graciously corrected me "I train dogs, Danielle". Bwahahahahaha! Ok! So I'm not a dog/animal person either, but I think Annalissa could show me the way :)

Result: 2 people know I care. And thats what matters. Also. I should really call more people, it's kinda fun!


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