Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3: Donate clothes

Today was a busy day. First day back at work for me, first day back at school for my daughter and lifes normal daily busy routine resumes! So, adding one more responsibility in there - it's going to be a busy but worthwhile year. :-)

Last night I organized and cleaned my bedroom. While I did that, I started sifting through clothes in my closet that I no longer wore or needed. Then I went through my daughters outgrown clothes! I was able to gather an entire huge bag between the two of us.

Just dropped them off at Savers. Did you know that they're open till 9:00pm through Saturday? Pretty convenient for folks that have jam packed days!

Results: Some of Savers proceeds goes to the Epilepsy Foundation in Minnesota and someone gets to wear some of my cool clothes. :-p


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