Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13: Pay for someones dinner

Tonight was inspired by a friend that's done this before []

Went to dinner tonight at Newts. Scott got the Marvin burger, I got nachos ( I figured those were the healthier option, , but if you saw them, you might disagree ;-)

I was trying to think of what my act of kindness would be today. I'm finding how important it is to grow as a person and become more and more selfless. No. No, I'm not rich. No, I can't do things like tonight, with every act. But I CAN sacrifice getting a cool shirt for myself, or 5 caribou coffees, or going out to eat, and buy an elderly couple dinner instead.

So. I watched this couple while Scott and I ate. My mountain of nachos, and he inhaled his burger. The couple looked so happy. Like they had spent so many years together and perfectly content and comfortable to just be together and not have to say much. They were just present. Happy. :)

I asked Joe (our waiter, he was an incredible spirit. Singing in tune with the music, while he went from table to table, said thank you over and over to his co workers that helped him - you just don't get that kinda persona nowadays) if he could tell me the amount of what the couple had on their tab. But before I knew it, my heart said to myself "do it" and the cost didn't matter.

My rule of thumb in anything is: "go with heart and gusto" it's never lead me wrong.

Tab paid. And a note to the couple written on a napkin and given to Joe to help carry out the act (thank you joe!)

We left, and could see Joe go up to them with the note (and darnit, I'm a curious soul, so is Scott, and we wanted to peek at their reaction, but kept walking)

Result: A couple sitting down for dinner, and surprised with the tab paid. I know this feeling as someone paid for my gas a few years ago (and has been one of the contributing factor in my yearning to paying it forward) its amazing to be the recipient of thoughtful kindness and I'm glad for the opportunity to pay it forward. <3


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