Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15: Promote Kindness Social Media Style

This morning I woke up without a massive mess of hair in my face. When I washed my hair, I didn't have to use an entire bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Haha. I'm getting use to the shorter locks :) Most importantly, I can't express enough growing as a person each day with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what I have. I can choose to cut my hair. Some don't even have that choice.

Here's what's cool about doing this blog and sharing the kind acts - people want to help. They get inspired. They realize that they can do this stuff too. And I get notes. Lots of them daily. It's really cool and it motivates me and inspires me too!

I do want to address another aspect. It's easy to not believe or wonder why anyone would do something completely kind for another person(s) with no agenda or anything to gain. I've had a recipient one time on a good Deed Friday ask "Why?!" and my response was simple "Just a kind act, nothing expected in return". In this day and age, it's tough to believe in something pure and wholesome.

I've had some people criticize my openness of sharing the kind acts carried out on this blog or showing accolades to others that carry out kind acts because people who carry out the acts should do it anonymously - it would mean more. I disagree :) Its easy to assume someone's looking for notoriety when carrying out kind acts and sharing the act. Its easy to make something good seem bad, because it cant be THAT good. People are in it for themselves, right? Wrong.

This blog and the acts take work. It takes some sacrifice. And there's nothing to gain other then...

Maybe you'll be inspired? Maybe the next time you're at dinner, you'll surprise someone with dinner? Maybe you're already carrying out kind acts, and this motivates you to take it to a higher level? Maybe this brought you hope, that "kind people really do exist" (relayed to me by a recipient of a Christmas basket)

Here's what we've (I'll let him come forward if he wishes) got cooked up for today's act of kindness. A friend came forward and said he would match up to $500 towards if I could raise the money. I know we can do it!

This organization speaks to my heart, especially knowing about people closely effected: Shannon, Wyatt and Heidi. And there's more. It's not fair and there should be more research. My vote is that brain tumors and all cancer become extinct.

Please donate. In memory or in honor of someone or just because this was your act of kindness today. :) Send me an email verifying you donated to


J9 said...

Clearly doing something kind in secret is a positive action. So is doing something kind in public. Some people are shy and prefer annonymity, some people are better able to be in the public eye. Either way, kindness and goodness happens, and isn't that what matters?

Danielle Teal said...

Agreed! Love that! Thanks for the perspective :)

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