Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27: Be a courteous driver

Trust me. This was a kind act.

Yesterday, in the morning, I was pulling onto the highway. This white car attempted to merge into my lane (right on top of me basically) I honked because I could tell he wasn't paying attention and kept turning his entire body to talk to a child in the backseat, Well, as I passed the guy he FLIPPED me off!!!!

At that very moment I decided that I would be a courteous driver. There should be NO reason to justify flipping anyone off or getting so amped up behind the wheel.

And believe me, I can get road rage. Mostly parking rage. Those people who take up two spots ;-) or those 'smart cars' that make you think there's a parking spot available and as you get closer it's a freakin' 'smart car' that takes up half of one parking spot!

But I'm making a conscious decision to let it go.

There will be no flipping off from me to anyone, but maybe in my mind. :-p I'm going to keep it cool behind the wheel even if my driving is better then anyone else's. Haha

Result: cooler driver, safer roads.


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