Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21: Play Nurse

Friends are like family. My best friend, Alissa is my family. Even though we do not have the same blood running through our veins, I'd walk the wire for her and I know without a shadow of doubt, she would for me too.

I feel really lucky to have found her. Most people will ask where she's at if she's not by my side, and vica versa.

And sometimes your best friend calls to let you know she got injured at soccer and may have fractured her knee. She went to the ER (she's a tough cookie, by the way, had it been me, I would have demanded that someone carry me, feed me, and get me chocolate!!)

So, tonight, I played nurse. Got her comfy on the couch, forced her to take her meds, preached at her about if she needs help, she had to promise to ask me, and did it all with love. (big shout out to Shane for escorting her to the ER and Karlys for helping me get her car)

I love her. She's my family and while it is an act of kindness, I'm learning that all acts of kindness should feel the same way regardless. Done with love and sheer selflessness!

Result: She got me as a "nurse". What more can you ask for?

Ps. Possible torn mcl. <3


Karlys said...

It's my honor to help out anytime. I'm always just a text (if my phone is cooperating) or call away.

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