Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: Deliver a gift basket & give inspiring plaque

Two again today! I don't think kind acts should be limited and if more then one presents itself (which is happening easily) then I'm totally an equal opportunity act of kindness gal!

Deliver a gift basket
A few weeks ago, several of my friends and I put together two gift baskets for two people that I felt could appreciate a lil' Christmas magic.

I finally was able to connect with the final recipient tonight. I received a warm hug but even more profound was that the person couldn't believe complete strangers would do something like this for someone they don't even know. That's the thing though - we hear about all the hurt in the world - deep down inside all of us is this magical part that cares for each other, and when we open it up - we all together can do great things. For people we don't even know.

Result: Carrying out a kind act towards a total stranger can change the world. One small act can create big change. Maybe just maybe that new stranger becomes a good friend and a partner in committing kind acts towards others too!

Give inspiring plaque
Tonight i found an inspiring plaque and I got incredibly excited and started thinking of who I'd give it to. In all of these acts I want to inspire people to be all that they can be and to also show every encounter with every person that they matter.

The plaque is going in my best friends sons room.

Result: He's going to do great things for this world. Recently his school was doing a food drive. He wrote on his hand to not forget to gather donations for it. And kept pestering his mom that he needed to do it ;-) If we start with our children, youth, young adults - the foundation placed and adults turn into philanthropists. :)

****On another note: I was the recipient of kindness and surprised at work today with a gift sent anonymously - 2012 random acts of kindness calendar book! It has daily acts of kindness ideas, stories and inspiring quotes : See image below :) thank you for your thoughtfulness! You must be reading the blog! You warmed my heart :)


Karlys said...

SO sweet!

I am in such admiration of your project, Danielle! I'm sure I'm not the only person who is being motivated to extend kindness to their fellow man because of your example!

Sebastian said...

Danielle, where did you get that plaque? I love/want it!!! It seems like it would be a gem of a find at Marshalls or TJ Max.

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