Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19: Support the Arts

Nothing is as magical as sitting in an audience and feeling as if you're in Ireland and inside the lives of the characters experiences.

Tonight I almost walked away with an Irish accent! We watched the play "Molly Sweeney", a drama depicting a blind woman since infancy, with her determined husband, Frank Sweeney (played by my good friend Jeremy Salucka) connecting with the ever intoxicated surgeon, Dr. Rice - both wanting to heal Molly, yet Molly unsure of a new visible world and the potential. This play left you wondering and contemplating what happened after it ended. A must see.

Result: With all the glamour of other entertainment, simply attending and watching a play brings you back to simple pleasures of watching something beautiful play out before your eyes. Tonight was magic! I dont ever want to see it become a lost art. A standing ovation to the entire cast.


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