Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 228: Be a mentor to a college student

A week ago a friend, who is heavily involved in the community and helping/motivating/inspiring kids that need that additional support or may not have a network to support them, posted a status about a young man who wanted to go to college but he didn't think it was possible.

She told him it was POSSIBLE.

I read her status about him and I felt compelled to help. He needed rides to his appointments and orientation. I could do that. He needs support and guidance. I could do that.

My friend set him up with squaring away his admissions paperwork, he started his financial aid and finished it today.

And I got to be there for the start of his journey. I picked him up and we instantly hit it off. I could tell he wanted this (college) thing badly. Stopped by his appointment. Then we stopped by the area where all the overview sheets for degrees were. He was SO excited!

Whats amazing is he inspired me. We take a lot for granted. College seems so out of grasp, but it CAN be within our grasp. His words "one step at a time"

I'm excited to walk with him on this journey.


Rahmath said...

To be able to help someone get an education is really really great. Happy for you and the lucky guy you are mentoring.

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