Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 216: Strike up a conversation with a stranger

Today I made my normal trip to the City Market. They make the most delicious sandwiches. (Love their breakfast ones!!)

When I walk in I noticed two older couples and smiled at them. I could tell they weren't from up north. As soon as I heard them speak, I knew for certain due to their accents. As they were trying to figure out what they would order, I piped up and told them the HAD to get one of the turtle brownies. We started chatting and they said in their gorgeous Louisiana accent that they were here for the birth of their first granddaughter. A grandparents proud beam is truly one of a kind. I enthusiastically told them congrats and then they started asking me about my impending birth. They returned the congrats and well wishes.

Our world is a beautiful place. Adding to the next generation will only make it even more beautiful!


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