Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124: Fundraising benefit

Today I attended and donated towards a fundraising benefit for someone experiencing ovarian cancer. What I found incredible was how many people attended and not just people from the department the person was from. <3 It's really nice to see people banding together in support of a co-worker/friend.

Also, after lunch, as I was leaving Barnes and Noble, an elderly couple was trying to exit - the woman was in a wheelchair. What I found interesting was that no one (at first) stepped forward to help them. The doors were confined/small and it was obvious, due to the wheelchair, both doors would need to be opened in order for her to exit. The gentleman asked for help and someone said "There's a handicap button on the side" I jumped forward instantly and assisted. As SOON as I did that, others came forward to help.

Sometimes you just gotta take the lead and show people the way.

As the couple was leaving, the gentleman smiled in genuine thanks and said "It takes a village, huh?"

Isn't that the truth? The woman supported today by peers, those that care and strangers bringing in food to raise money towards helping her. And then this couple supported by strangers around them.

We all need help at some point <3


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