Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 136: Welcome staff to our floor

The last couple of days some staff have consolidated to the floor I work on. I was gone yesterday, but planned to bring treats in for them this morning. My honey left early this morning, so I stayed up and went into work earlier then normal (anyone that knows me knows that I sleep till the 9th hour and literally it's a mad dash to get to work. :-p) So, me coming super early into work is a surprise and usually means something's up! :-p

I walked in, grinning, and gave the treats to one of the admins. They were all SO excited. My coworker LaVonne also brought in treats. Makes me feel good to know that people are shown love :)

I find that these acts of kindness become more and more effortless daily. It's because I WANT to genuinely do it. I understand and know the effect now. It's on the tip of my boyfriend, daughter, friends tongues now: "what should we do for our acts of kindness today?" It's not just me doing it. It's us. All of us! :)


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