Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57: Help a friend become a mom

You're probably wondering, what does that title mean? And what has Danielle gotten into now. Let it be known that is NOT a wish for me - I'm already pregnant.

It's a wish for a friend. Someone that has had this wish for many years and circumstances and the stars had just not aligned for it to happen.

However. In her own way, she's making it happen.

So, here's the situation. It may sound a bit crazy but it really isn't! Keep reading.

We're putting this out there because I believe someone out there reading may know someone or you may yourself be willing to donate and help her out. It's far fetched. But I believe in miracles and would love to see this happen.

You may also be wondering why she doesn't just go through traditional routes of acquiring a donor through a sperm bank. The cost are prohibitive (astronomical) We'd like to remove the middle man and believe this could happen without it being so costly. And also this is less intrusive medically.

Willing to help out? (or feel free to repost, retweet or forward this information.) You could be a part of making a lifelong dream become reality.

Healthy male
Preferably Non-smoking
Clean medical history
Has other children (basically that your soldiers work) otherwise tests would need to happen to ensure they do work

*If you do donate, there will be no legal responsibility or legal right to any offspring. A contract -cost incurred by the mom to be - would be in place. It would be insemination, no hanky panky - a kit would be provided. :)

Any questions or desire to help can be sent to:


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