Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50: Use Recyclable bags instead of plastic

I often think about my carbon footprint. What am I doing to make this environment better? I use to not care. It's so much easier opting for plastic at the grocery store (or paper bags if they have them, then you don't feel so guilty!)

But today, I decided this was it. I saw some ladies in front of me using recyclable bags. It was obvious they made it a point to bring them with.

I felt guilty staring at all the plastic bags ready to be used and knowing that they'll end up in a landfill or the ocean. Who else besides me has that busting through the seams stash of plastic bags? Ugh.

So, I bought 2 recyclable bags and filled them up. I plan to never use plastic ever again.

See the excerpt below from the website. It's pretty eye opening.

The impact of plastic bags on the environment is enormous. As of August 2010, between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are being used each year worldwide. Approximately 100,000 sea turtles and other marine animals die every year because they either mistake the bags for food or get strangled in them, says Natural Environment. In Australia, 50 million garbage bags end up as litter yearly, and the "plastic soup" patch floating in the Pacific Ocean is twice the size of the continental United States. It is roughly 80 percent plastic, according to The Independent, a British newspaper."

Leaving as less of a carbon footprint as possible.


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