Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 31: Inspire someone

Yesterday I kept racking my brain on what my act of kindness would be. In fact, it closed in on midnight and I had my entire group thinking of ideas...when I realized I had already committed an act of kindness. And in my opinion, the best one yet.

We went to dinner with this incredible couple. The husband, Tony, and I are both 'cancers', and I could tell that we were a lot alike in personality. The wife, Misty, spot on southern belle. Beautiful, charismatic, she had all the traits that most woman would envy. The self assured beauty, inside and out, with a beautiful heart.

As we ate dinner, I shared about my new years resolution, this blog and the goal of it.

They listened intently. Asking questions. I shared. We all batted around ideas of what I could do while here.

Towards the end of the meal and wide range of discussions of many varying topics, we came back to this blog. Tony shared that because he met me, he'd think more on his surroundings, his employees, etc.

Result: I'm pretty sure Tony is going to not only continue what he does in kindness, he will raise the bar. And so will Misty :)


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