Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49: Be kind to those that are unkind

Huge life lesson for me today. I'm constantly amazed at how these acts present themselves daily. Even more then once on some days. I welcome them or maybe because I'm doing this, I notice the opportunities more.

I was the brunt of some really hateful words today, mainly out of the other persons own personal hurt. I'm glad I could recognize that. I may not have prior to doing these acts. Because of these acts, I'm reminding myself to look beyond myself. To really see and understand the other person.

I chose to "turn the other cheek". Even though the remarks had nothing to do with me, it's still tough to not respond the same in return. When someone spouts off, it's human nature to spout off right back.

The past month and a half have been some incredible life lessons. Thinking beyond myself, putting others needs first, thinking daily of what I can do for others, instead of just focusing on myself....and now, trying to understand how people are unkind and where it generates from.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Be extra kind to those that may need it. It may change their perspective or flat out show that they matter regardless. And that could change a life around.


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