Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55: Collect Box Tops for Education

Today's act was inspired by baking pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. As I was waiting for these delectable cookies, I stood by the oven examining the package and drooling over the image of the chocolate chip cookies.

And then I saw the Box Top for Education graphic. When I was growing up, my grandmother would collect these and Campbell soup labels. I never really knew what they were for till tonight when I decided to google them.

Every little bit helps. I've been collecting pop tabs, cans and now I'm adding this to the list. If you want to pitch in, let me know and I'll round them up before the end of the year to donate :)

Collect these for our kids school? I'm in! We should leave the world an even better place for our little ones. :)


Mindy said...

My kids school collects these... They have made it into a contest where the class the collects the most gets a party at the end of the year. My kids don't even wait until we open something... We find boxes with holes cut in them all over the pantry where they have cut out the box tops. lol
Just wanted to add: this is quite the amazing thing you are doing! You are so caring and giving- so refreshing to see someone genuinely caring towards others... Even strangers. <3

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