Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 301: Write out thank yous

And so it begins, the count down to the end of the year...towards the end of this years New Years resolution. 66 acts of kindness left....

I thought it fitting that for today's act, I take a moment (actually many moments!) to write out thank yous to every single person that has bestowed their love to my girls and I.

I know I've SAID it over and over "thank you", but I know it means alot getting a note in the mail showing that appreciation.

I'm a little delayed on some but they're coming :)

I wish all you readers of this blog well! It's been an interesting year and as it comes to a close, I continue to reflect on what this New Years resolution has taught me, how it's impacted my life and my girls and where I plan to continue my journey with it in the future.

The image below is just one stack of cards we received. There's tons more. I can't get over how incredibly thoughtful and selfless people truly are.


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