Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 285: Picked my daughter up early to spend quality time with her

Today we had parent/teacher conferences for my daughter, D. She's not digging school much (I was the same way (sigh) but she puts up with it . :-p

After conferences, I wanted to see her. She was in the gymnasium playing when I walked in with her little sister. As soon as she saw us, she sprinted over. Then all of a sudden we were surrounded by other kids wanting to take a peek at her little sister. They all exclaimed at how beautiful M is. I couldn't agree more and said "She looks just like her big sister." :)

I looked at D and asked if she wanted to go home early. Usually shes one of the last to go home since I tend to work later. Man that kid couldn't get her back pack and jacket fast enough :) I plan on picking her up early every day I have her while I'm on maternity leave to maximize my time with her. It's important to make this time just as special for her too.

I love my girls so much. <3


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