Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 299: Pass a book on

So, my friend Jaymi came over to give me a break on the mom front :) It was nice running errands tonight..but I must say - I had to really force myself to stay away and not come home. :-o I was gone 45 minutes and already wondering how Madi was doing, if she needed to be nursed, if she was crying and inconsolable....

I had absolutely nothing to worry about. When I walked in the door (I was able to stay away for an hour and a half) Jaymi had her in her arms and she was still zonked out! Madi is such a chill easy baby! :)

On her way out, Jaymi pointed out a book of mine she had been reading. She brought up that she had a friend going through a divorce. I asked her to pass on the book to her friend with a note I wrote to her in the book.

The book was given to me by one of my girlfriends. Girlfriends gotta stick together. <3

Thank you Jaymi for the much needed
break! I feel rejuvenated and ready to so this mom thing again :)


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