Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 283: Stick with Breastfeeding

Oh my my. I forgot what it felt like starting off with Breastfeeding. The first week or so is killer and there are many times you just want to quit!

We're on day 3 and its a nail biter, toes curling, ouch ouch ouch episodes! But oh so worth it. I'm an advocate for whatever works for a momma and her baby (Breastfeeding and/or Formula) Breastfeeding has its own benefits. After each feeding, it makes me feel joy that she's receiving immunities needed in the coming months, saves money and bonding with her is magical. <3

Below is my daughters first nursing right after she was born. A lot of people shy away or think Breastfeeding should be hidden. I disagree. It's a beautiful, natural way to sustain life. Truly a miracle what a woman's body can do.


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