Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 289: Offer some assistance (and receive it too)

Today I went to Target for the first time with Madi. I was nervous because I was winging this on my own. Would she sleep? Would she wail and cry the entire time? Would I need to frantically locate a spot to nurse her?!??!!

Would I be able to remember to pick up everything we need?!?

She slept the entire time. :-p AND I picked up everything we needed.

As I went to go check out and feeling victorious over our first grocery shopping trip together - I ran into one of my friends in the same check out line. She gave me a huge hug and then instantly went to work helping me empty my cart onto the register counter. After I paid, she helped me put all the bags in my cart and then proceeded to push the cart to my vehicle. It's as if God placed her in my path.

It seems he's placed alot of people in my path the last four weeks <3

As we were walking out, there was an older woman that was getting out of those handicap motor carts. I could tell she was abit unsteady - I asked her of she needed assistance. She smiled at me and said "No, just getting all the kinks out and then I'll be waking ok"


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