Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 294: You got mail

I've been receiving messages from some who have had similar experiences that I have had (father of my child walking out on us at 37 weeks pregnant). While its not fun to talk about, it's the reality of what happened and something that's apart of my life's journey now.

I'm determined to turn it into something positive.

I'm also glad I've been open about it. Because the notes I'm receiving from other women who can relate ...and looking for hope, inspiration and support is astounding. I can't look away.

In particular, I opened my Facebook the other day to a message from a single mother who wanted to let me know that for the longest time she's felt alone in her own journey - until now. She realized after following what was happening to me that SHE was going to be ok too. Which is true :)

I shared with her that I've been reading this book called the "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, recommended to me by a friend. It's been truly a transcending of deeper understanding of life, relationships, love, etc. as I've read the book. She shared that she's be interested in reading it too :)

I ordered it today for her. She should receive it next week!


For those that have experienced the heartache of someone leaving, or hurting you, etc. - there IS hope going forward - you ARE worthy of love and for the person that walked out on you and your family - they were NEVER worthy of you to begin with.

((Hugs)) and love. If you ever feel alone, send me an email. You're not alone.


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