Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 279: Visit a coworker and her new baby

For the past several weeks, a co-worker on another team and I have been checking in with each other due to our pregnancies. She was due October 10th. I'm due tomorrow, October 6th.

A couple of days ago, we went for a brisk walk. I have enjoyed our discussions, she's made me feel more comfortable about the idea of having a newborn again.

Yesterday, I noticed she was gone and wasn't in the office. Today, as I suspected, I found out that she had her baby! And she had a little girl. <3

I got a card and went to one of the stores in the subway level and got her these CUTE little pink sock booties. Because every little girl needs some lovely "shoes" lying around.

It was neat to visit them in the hospital. I know my time will be soon. As I held her daughter, all my fears and apprehension of caring/raising my own daughter by myself quickly washed away. It was as if God meant for me to be there and meant for me to see that I am completely capable and ready.

Madison, mommy is ready for you. <3


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