Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 275: Massive surprise for another single mom

Most mornings I go to this lovely spot in Rochester that makes the BEST breakfast sandwiches. I met this girl there that was due around the same time as I. She was having a boy, I'm having a girl.

She and I related on several levels - but especially being single mothers of our unborn babies. For myself, unexpectedly.

A couple of weeks ago, where I needed a hug, she was in my path and gave one to me. I had NO idea she was experiencing something similar, yet different.

Last week, I decided I wanted to do something special for her. I had received SO much love from my own community, I wanted to pay it forward. I wanted her to see that complete strangers cared. I wanted her to see how much that one hug meant to me.

So, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in contributing towards a basket of baby boy stuff for her.

Then I got a super huge idea in my head. A friend who knew her and knew what I was doing texted me her full name and where she was registered.

I looked on her registry and saw she still needed the carseat (critical :) and stroller (fun touch!)

So I posted another status with the link to the carseat and stroller and asked if anyone would be willing to contribute towards that.

I had the money for that carseat/stroller in less then 30 minutes. I have the most amazing 'move mountains' group of friends.

Several also contributed clothes, money for the card, toys, blankets, etc.

I ordered the carseat/stroller last Thursday.

My friend LaVonne (she's such a kindred spirit) and I practically skipped to go give our new friend the surprises this morning from all of us.

Our new friend came around the counter when we told her we had some things for her. Her face was flushed with surprise and her hands shook a little bit. She looked at awe at the both of us. As she opened the card, I told her "My New Years resolution was to do an random act of kindness each day. You're our random act if kindness. My friends and I wanted to join together and do this for you."

She opened the card and saw the picture of the carseat/stroller. :) Now. The funny twist of this story is that her coworkers had bought the carseat/stroller too and had JUST given it to her this morning too! However, one can be returned and the rest of the items left on her registry can be bought. :)

She kept saying thank you over and over. I knew she would. I knew how she felt. For I've been the recipient of such kindness myself.

Moral of the story? Two carseats and strollers means you're super loved. Complete group of strangers doing an act of kindness = restores faith in humanity and touches another's heart. <3

Nice work, friends. <3


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