Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 274: Clean the garage, donate more

What an absolutely gorgeous day for the last day of September. My friend, Tim, had asked me if I needed help with anything (the last couple of weeks, I've finally held my hand up to say - yes, I can use the help and accepted it. From one super fierce "I can do it myself woman", this has been a huge lesson for myself. I'm so use to expecting other people to accept help from me when I offer it, that I'm finally realizing we're so ingrained to not ask for it or if we do, it's a sign of weakness, etc. WRONG. It's a sign of strength and determination.)

So, Tim came over and we did some serious cleaning to that garage! Thank you Tim for all your help (and for the brownies :)) I can park inside there during winter, now, and bring little miss right inside and out from the direct cold.

As a result of cleaning the garage, we created quite the pile for donations. I took books, shoes (I cannot believe how many shoes I have donated this year) and a bunch of other things to Savers (which supports epilepsy foundation).

(Also, I am reading the book The Four Agreements by Don Muigel Ruiz recommended to me by my friend, Danielle. It's an ABSOLUTE must read for everyone out there.)


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