Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 269: Support another woman

Yesterday when I picked up my daughter, there was this other little girl playing with her. They were completely immersed in what they were doing and it was difficult to pry my daughter away. The other little girls mother smiled at me as my daughter finally came to me. Both her daughter and mine didn't want to stop playing together. Her daughter wanted to give my daughter a stick of gum, but her mother reminded her that they had walked down to the park and that she didn't have any on her.

Today, when I went to go pick up my daughter, the mother and my daughters new found friend was there again. I could tell the mother was glad her daughter connected with another little girl. My daughter begged to stay at the park and play with her friend. I agreed.

I looked at the other mom and asked if she'd like to sit down and chat. She eagerly agreed. As we chatted, it instantly became clear to me that this woman was meant to come across my path. She had her own experiences with the father of her child - it was difficult, challenging and I could tell she had her own pain from her experiences.

I listened. I spoke. I supported her. She supported me. We related.

It's truly eye-opening how each person has their own story, how they've become who they are and if we take the time to listen, we get to know some extraordinary people.

As my daughter and I were leaving, her daughter exclaimed that they had brought gum with them today. Of course, my daughter was all over that. :) When her daughter gave my daughter the piece of gum, I reminded my daughter that this was an act of kindness they bestowed on us. My daughter nodded her head and said "I understand, Momma". And I knew she did.

Today was a good day.



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