Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 260: Offer and take some pics for a stranger

Hmmmm. Not sure how to start this days blog post today. I will say that I was pretty cranky today - could be the pregnancy hormones or just other stuff. (sigh)

I didn't really FEEL like doing anything other then lay down and veg (ok, that's definitely the pregnancy 37th week talking).

But I rallied, and went to the apple orchard in Mazzepa.

While the kids and Scott went on the tractor ride and picked apples, I stayed behind - and literally sat = did nothing. It was wonderful.

As I was sitting there I noticed another mom trying to wrangle her kids in for a picture. I offered to take a pic with her in it. All of us moms know how little pics we have with our kids, since we're the ones usually behind the camera.

She happily said yes. Couple of snaps later I walked back to my seat (a hay bail) and started feeling like me again. Doing an act of kindness changed my pregnancy hormone induced grumpy attitude around. <3


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