Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 97: Pay for the persons drink behind me

I have a half day off of work! I decided after I left work I would go get my favorite drink from Dunn bros. The CHOCOLATE NIRVANA! Mmmmm.

As I pulled up, another lady was pulling up to the drive through too. She waved kindly to me to go ahead of her. Being kind back I waved for her to go ahead! Lol! She seemed insistent, so I went ahead of her.

Kindness breeds kindness. I bought her hot chocolate for her. I was excited because I could hear her ordering her drink - I told the cashier, that I wanted to get her drink too. I asked for a napkin so I could write her a note. I wrote

"Thank you for your act of kindness letting me go in front of you. Enjoy your drink <3"

I love when acts like these present themselves and their virtually effortless in thought because (as Im learning daily) its just the right thing to do.


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