Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 112: Gift for the tour guide

Today we visited Fitgers brewery for Scott's birthday. We went on their beer brewing tour. Before we had arrived I spoke to a guy named Tim who said he would be giving the tour. I was concerned that there might be a list and the possibility there wouldnt be room. It was Scott's birthday so I wanted to be doubly sure we got in!

Tim was SO nice and he reassured me that we would all be able to go.

We arrived and did the tour! But I didn't come without bearing a gift for Tim :) I brought him a deck of cards - Minnesota worthy - u betcha cards! I'll post a pic of them.

He loved them and said he plays cards all the time!

And yep. I'm out and about and I'm still making it a priority to make a post about an act of kindness. It's important :)


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