Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 103: Deliver a favor for a friend

I got a text from a coworker/friend who was at lunch celebrating a friends birthday but had waltzed out of the office and in her excitement forgot the friends gift.

She asked if I would walk it over to where she was eating with her friend.

I delightfully obliged! This person is one of the most thoughtful genuine people I know, I'd walk that gift to Australia if she needed it!

Other act of kindness I did without knowing was posting "Somewhere over the rainbow" by IZ - I had a friend email me at work thanking me for posting the video. They had an already hectic day and that video brought them a much needed zen moment! :)

AND - Just when you think "Wonder if people are reading? Wonder of they're inspired to do acts of kindness?"

I got this text tonight (friend in grey)

Pretty incredible <3


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