Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 333: Start a cause

My idea was generated from seeing D's tiara yesterday morning. I started wearing it. I instantly felt empowered, worthy and strong. I'd like to start sending tiaras (and a note) to women experiencing heartache and obstacles. Starting off with those I know experiencing something or just needs a pick me up or just to let them know I care. I'd then like to build a website to inspire and motivate women to wear their tiaras with self talk - understand and believe in their worth, letting them know they are not alone.

As a result, I hope to start an organization that facilitates opportunities for speakers and motivational perspectives to enlighten and open women up to their ultimate goals and desires.

This would help:
-single mothers
-women experiencing divorce
-domestic violence
-mid-life crisis's
-teen girls (bullied, building confidence, etc)
- all women and girls that need a lift up :)

Basically, a cause showing that other women are fighting for other women.

I posted this on my facebook. There's now over 50 people involved and behind this cause. I will post a picture of the logo but I think the final name for this will be "Tiara's with love"!!!!


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